Javier Cobos

Real estate catchment agent


A constant, perseverant and hard worker person.

I SPEAK Spanish, English at a conversation level and Valencian


I have studied Auxiliary technician administration, different selling courses and valuation courses at the real estate market. Right now I’m finishing the judicial expert course. 

I work in the real estate sector since 1996, was a person who offered me a job because he saw potential on me. I have been in a very high amount of selling operations, and of course visited more than 2.000 properties along my whole career. 

“I prefer some words instead of a phrase: Constancy, Perseverance and Hard work.”


It’s been the most intense working experience. It changed a lot my working method in a good way. 

The enterprise gave me some high objectives, but not just that. Also gave the same value to the process and doing it the most professional possible way. With that process and giving my best, makes my job more exciting and raised my personal learning a lot.

I must recognize to our elder partners at the enterprise that are always to our disposal and always in a helpful mood for all of us.

In my opinion, we are a group with a lot of expectations for growing, helped by the feeling of a good job done. The good take caring of the needs from our clients, makes them feel really well take care. They make us know that and thank us for it.

We prefer quality among quantity. It’s more satisfying for us and makes our days more useful.

There are some trains that pass through our lives. They are few, but we have to see them coming and must rate them at that moment. The most important for me was the one of my wife and my sons. Other one is the one of being part of Zintex Real Estate Group, the one who makes my professional life full and satisfying.

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