Do you imagine selling your home in 90 days without worry about anything?


To sell you have to create, to offer something different, to be capable of showing that your property is the best option. In that way we have professionals in different fields that will get your property shine among the others. You`ll have Sellers, urban planners, architects, interior designers, lawyers and financial assessors so you can cover all the areas at the time of selling your home.

Why to sell a home is not an easy task? It`s not just about find the proper buyer. You have to take in count the whole process and legal steps. But above all of that is the fact of the time. If you don’t want to spend time on that, and get mind free about any procedure, our team will manage everything.

Why do you have to wait for 1000 days if you can sell in 90? How?

Marketing plan

We distinguish your property among the others. Your home is in a constant competition with the other ones published, that’s why, through a marketing plan, we will offer your home the best way possible so to get highest sell probabilities.

Home Staging

So buyers get in love at first sight with your home, we will invest in it making the necessary reforms. Because we trust in your home, and we are sure that we are going to sell it. No payment advances, when you sell, you pay us.

Free valuation of your home

The price of your home is usually a very delicate point that makes lots of doubts. That’s why we make a free valuation taking in count every detail. The result is going to be the selling price, which is going to be the highest that the market allows us in that specific moment.

And lots of other strategies


Through our CRM and using our own technological tools, we can have the right price for your home. The best price at the actual market.

Just your identification and identify yourself as the homeowner.

We do not charge commissions. We charge a fee, once you have sold your house. As we are professionals, our fees are for the given services that we offered.

It doesn’t matter the condition. We offer you our home staging services to make those little fixes that your home needs so others may get in loved as you did the first time.

Since you contact us, until the moment to deliver our free valuation inform, it’s just 48hs. And for the whole selling process… less than 90 days.

A “Sale Order” is the only document that you should sign, in it, is specify all the related conditions to the product acquired, where exclusivity is one of the conditions among others. That doesn’t mean that your home it’s going to be offered just by us. We work with the most important agencies in Alicante that collaborates with us. So they can offer your home but with us in the middle taking care of your interests.

As your trustful real estate agency, we`ll prepare a proper action and inversion plan adapted to your home so it`s present in many places, those ones in which strategically should be offered so you can have an effective sell. We certainly know our market, so we are prepared to make an integral management of the property that you’ve trusted us.

We have many client filters. We receive people interested in your home, but we´ll just show it to those who can afford it and that are really interested in it. We´ll make an economical viability verification to the potential buyer, and if it’s necessary, make him the mortgage loan assistance.

Real Estate websites receive hundreds of homes each day. Few hours after publishing your home, it is going to pass from the first page of the site, to be many pages after it.

That’s why inside of our services we offer an invest from our side, that makes your property always to be in the first places and in the distinguish ones

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