You know that you deserve something else… So keep on reading that this may interest you…   

Probably you think that the solution is a mortgage, but you are tired of hearing offers and don´t know for which one is the best for you. 

In these past hours, you have seen, you want it or not, offers of products related with the mortgages. 

We are invaded by different alternatives, and it’s very difficult to know which one is the best. 

Maybe you are wondering if it’s better to buy or to rent, if you can be owner without much savings or if you can have your own independence. 

For all of these questions, we have created a service that many may call it Financial Intermediation. But we believe that the word “Intermediation” situate us in the middle from you and the bank. And it’s not like that, we are closer to you and to your project of having the home you deserve.

We call this service the “Create Plan”

What if I tell you that with our service you will save much money in a long term period?

We do not just look for the best mortgage in the market. We look for the best plan so you can have the dream of your own home. We don’t want you to get full of debts; we want to give you solutions. 

And what if I tell you that you don’t have to visit banks to look for the best offer for you?

Surely you know one bank or two or three. We work with lots of banks since ten years ago, and we know which one offers the best product according to your profile, and then we fit it to your own necessities. Enjoy from your free time, we will work instead of you.

And finally. What if I tell you that we will give you Financial Education?

We will make a deep analysis from your profile, then explain the whole plan son you can have all the information about what you´ll be your payments today, tomorrow and until your mortgage it’s finished. And which is the best way of affront it. That’s what we call Financial Education.

¿Las condiciones que me pide el banco las cumpliré?

One usual idea that comes to your mind is to buy a bigger flat, a house or a duplex, because the family got bigger. Or just because you want to leave the city and move to a quieter place. Or to change the neighbourhood. Or you just feel that you deserve something better for you and your family 

But the question is always the same. May I make front to the bank conditions that they ask me? Or you just know that you can make front to it but you think…

May I have a better mortgage?

We are collaborators and agents from the different bank entities; we know what they want and which clients they prefer. So we´ll make you the perfect bank profile, we´ll tell you which is the best way of presenting your profile, which information to show and which not, what is a plus to your profile and things that may discount. To be clear, which documentation to present so you don’t get full of nonsense documentation.

Possible situations that you may face:

  • You want to buy a home with other agency, but the product that your bank entity is offering is not useful for you.
  • You have the conditions but you just don’t know how to face it, and you don’t have enough time to make a research and see which option is better for you. 
  • You keep on dreaming with that home, but you don’t want to make the reservation because you don’t know if you´ll find a suitable mortgage for you. 

We want to be with you to face all these situations, because with our “Create Plan” service we can solve all of those problems.

Also, if you want to get your home with us, we have a wide portfolio with lots of different alternatives that are very competitive and with all the documentation prepared to be trespassed. And if for any reason you reserve the home but we cannot get you a suitable mortgage, don´t worry! You will not lose the reservation payment!

How is the process?

We work just with accomplished objectives

If we don’t get anything for you, you don’t have to pay us nothing.

Closed Budget

The only surprise you´ll have, is going to be the good conditions that we´ll get for you and the money you’ll save.

1. We know each other

We´ll get all the financial information that we need, once done, we´ll analyze your specific situation. Making it like that let us see the viability of the project. Once the conclusion is made, we´ll show you the different alternatives.

3. The appraisal

We have been working for more than 10 years with different appraisal companies, so we know how to manage so we can have the value that we need so the bank give us the amount that we need.

2. We begin to move

We consult the different banks to find the best product in the market, and the best conditions. We give you an integral service. We always have a professional dedicated to you who will take care of all the paperwork.

4. Start engines

We consult in the different bank entities to search for the best products of the actual market, and which ones offer the best conditions. We give you an integral service. You´ll always have a professional in charge to you, and he will get do all the process and guide you through it.