Antonio J. Fábregas Salas

Co-Founder Partner


Financial advisor and real estate businessman, with more than 13 years of experience in the market. Pro active, intrepid and thoughtful person, with the obsession of being better every day. In love with new compromises and have continuous challenges. 

I speak and write in two different languages on a fluid way, Spanish and English. But I’m worried always on the expansion of my personal and professional formation. 

 “If you carry doing what you always have done, you will have what you always had”


Zintex was created in a very difficult real estate context, for those clients who dream with a better world, that desire of living a more comfortable way of life, with better conditions and qualities. We look for the best option that the market may offer you, that fit to your possibilities, your needs and your dreams.  Under these standards, we look the best for each particular client. “The sell is not the end, is a consequence of doing the things right during the process” 


The objective and main labor of Zintex in the real estate market, is to change the concept that most of the people have about the sector. And it’s made by the professionalization of it group. By this, we make a more professional market. Our obsession is to make our client’s life easier. “Make it simple” will be the motto that will guide us and our clients since the first time they meet us.  

Make your everyday easier, make it simple in your life, and make simpler every process that makes you get closer to your dream of living in a better place. 

Since the first step given at the street, “we are Zintex”, at saying hello to the people, we are Zintex, how we communicate, how do we write to our clients, represent Zintex. The value of the brand must be priority if we want to get remembered in the society. 


Honesty and Integrity: Being honest and a person with values, is what makes the difference between the best options in the market from any regular one. Honesty must be one of our main values. 

I feel that we are honest because our client’s interests are always before ours. 

Excellence: We must be outstanding in each one of our actions and procedures. Not just doing the things on a simple way, but in the best way “HOW YOU DO A THING, YOU MAKE ALL OF THEM”

Responsibility: Is one of our principal values, we are responsible of accomplish our client’s dreams. And we take care of that since the first contact with the client. To do so, we must be consequent in what we do and what we say in each moment. 

Compromise: Zintex Real Estate Group is committed with the sector, committed with our clients, committed with the labor of our being better professionals daily. A person who gets committed and accomplish with its commitments has much more chances of achieving the objectives that they aim.

Simplicity: Make the process easier to our clients is one of our principal values. In this new era, we have to be a better solution to our clients. They are distracted by nature, dispersed and forgetful. One our principal value will be the one of makes it easier to the client in all the procedures and negotiations.

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